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New Jersey Contract Attorneys


Experienced Contract Attorneys

Attorneys at the Law Offices of Peter J. Lamont have reviewed, drafted, negotiated, and litigated thousands of contracts within New Jersey, New York, the US and abroad. We handle everything from basic one-page agreements to large multi-national agreements for international corporations. Whether you are a multi-million dollar company or an emerging entrepreneur, we possess the experience to help you protect your business. We are committed to creating precise contracts that clearly define the relationship, scope, and expectations between each party involved. Investing in a solid contract can save you a tremendous amount of time, aggravation and money by avoiding costly litigation that can arise from poorly prepared contracts. Remember, online forms do not provide you with the protection that can be afforded with a tailored agreement.


Transparent Flat-Fees

Nothing is worse than hiring a lawyer to draft a contract only to find out that it is going to cost you far more than originally anticipated. We feel strongly about being transparent and straightforward with our fees. We never want clients to be bitting their nails, wondering how much the work will really cost. 


At the Law Offices of Peter J. Lamont, our flat-fee philosophy allows us to be transparent with your costs before any work is performed. Our upfront quotes include drafting your contract as well as all revisions and negotiations with the other party (or their attorney) until your agreement is finalized and ready to sign.


If you need help writing a contract, reviewing a contract, litigating a breach of contract or settling a contract dispute, contact the Law Offices of Peter J. Lamont. For over 15 years, attorney Peter J. Lamont, Esq. has been helping individuals and businesses protect their best interests through carefully structured contracts that pay meticulous attention to detail. When you need legal help with a contract-related matter, contact Peter Lamont and the Law Offices of Peter J. Lamont. Contact us at (201) 904-2211 or at info@pjlesq.com. Serving Bergen, Passaic, Morris, Monmouth, Essex, Hudson and all of New Jersey!

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Real Estate FAQs

Purchases, Sales, and Refinance
Our residential real estate lawyers have helped many clients purchase, sell

and refinance their homes. We understand the complex issues involved with

real estate law and we will share this information with you. Our attorneys will

guide you, step by step, through the process of buying or selling a home, while

making sure your rights are protected.

Title Searches and Solving Title Problems
Our firm can analyze and solve title problems, easements, access disputes, and

title related litigation.

Zoning and Land Use Matters
Damage disputes, conflicts over property rights, and appeals for zoning changes have created an increased need for innovative, experienced legal counsel and representation. Understanding how land use and zoning laws affect your plans requires experienced legal counsel. Our attorneys understand the municipal and county laws that affect property ownership and land development. We handle all aspects of your zoning and development needs, from drafting initial proposals to representation at administrative hearings.

Landlord-Tenant Disputes

We also represent Landlords and Tenants in real estate transactions. Our real estate attorneys provide legal assistance for disputes that generally arise between landlords and tenants, and we are committed to helping our clients resolve them. Our experienced team can help you navigate real estate law issues and make wise real property-related decisions. 

Whatever your real estate needs may be, we support your continued prosperity with a solution-based approach. Our clients receive comprehensive, innovative, and insightful counsel provided by our accomplished, knowledgeable real estate attorneys and professional staff. If you have real estate questions, we encourage you to call us.  We are happy to answer your legal questions. 

NJ Residential Real Estate Attorneys Serving Bergen , Passaic, Hudson, Essex, Monmouth, Morris Counties and the entire state of New Jersey.

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Top 10 Questions to Ask Before you Hire a Home Inspector

Q.  If I am purchasing or selling a home, should I hire an attorney to oversee the process?

A. Since you will be signing contracts and a substantial amount of money will likely be involved, it is strongly recommended that you retain a qualified and experienced real estate attorney to protect your interests and ensure that the entire process is legal and valid.

Q. Is there anything I should do before purchasing a property or land?

A. The title should be searched to ensure that the property is free and clear of any claims or liens.  A qualified real estate attorney can do this for you and ensure that it’s safe to go ahead and purchase the property or land you’re interested in.

Q. If I have purchased a home where the seller agreed to certain repairs and those repairs are not made, what should I do?

A. The first thing you should do is contact your real estate agent and real estate attorney.  It’s possible that arrangements were made for the repairs that you’re unaware of.  If the seller has not made the repairs and has not planned for the repairs, you may have a real estate law case against the seller.

Q. What should I make sure of when I am purchasing a home?
A. Although it’s a great idea to consult an attorney before purchasing a home, there are several things you should make sure of.  Make sure that all property which is supposed to go with the home is included in the contract.  This may include appliances or other extras you were promised.  You also want to inspect the damage report and look at the surrounding area.

Q. What should I make sure of when I am selling a home?
A. You’ll want to make sure that there are no claims or liens against your property and determine what items or property should be included in the sale. You will also want to consider your lowest desired price and what you’re willing to accept.  A qualified real estate attorney can oversee the process and protect your interests.

Q. As a seller, are there any defects which I must disclose to the buyers before signing a contract?
A. You should disclose all defects; however, it’s very important that you discuss your options with a real estate attorney.  If there are defects in the home and you do not disclose them, you could find yourself in court.

Q. Are there any tips the buyer should heed before purchasing a property?
A. The buyer should spend time in the neighborhood to determine whether he or she will be happy there.  They should also make sure the home is inspected and that there are no major problems that will drive up the cost of the home.  It’s best to receive advice from a real estate law attorney before purchasing.

Q. For a home being sold as-is who is responsible for major repairs?
A. Typically, for homes that are sold as-is, the buyer is responsible for all repairs which must be made.  Again, speaking to an attorney is the best idea.


Q. If I have purchased a home and found that something inside the home was faulty when I purchased it, is there anything I can do about it?

A. Often times, the buyer will be offered a warranty policy by the real estate agency to cover certain losses incurred by that buyer.  You should determine whether you were given or purchased a warranty policy at the time of the home purchase.  If not, you may still have a claim against the seller or others.  We have successfully litigated claims against dishonest sellers, brokers and home inspectors. 


Q. If I have purchased a home where the seller agreed to certain repairs and those repairs are not made, what should I do?

A. The first thing you should do is contact your real estate agent and real estate attorney.  It’s possible that arrangements were made for the repairs that you’re unaware of.  If the seller has not made the repairs and has not planned for the repairs, you may have a real estate law case against the seller.


How Do We Charge for Residential Closings?

All of our residential real estate closings are handled on a flat-fee basis. This means that you know exactly what you are paying right from the start. There are no hidden fees or surprises. 


The only time that additional fees might be charged is in unique circumstances that fall outside of the normal closing process, such as in the removal of a tenant, or the creation of use and occupancy agreements. However, these are not part of most regular closings. 


Our fees are highly competitive and transparent. Unlike many "discount" closing law firms, you will not find hidden attorney fees on the closing statement and will not be charged for any administrative costs. The flat-fee we provide you is all you pay.  If you would like more information, please give us a call at (201) 904-2211 or email at info@pjlesq.com.

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