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Law Offices of Peter J. Lamont Secures Dismissal of Counterclaim for Client

April 4, 2023


The case involved a breach of contract claim arising out of a commercial lease.  In its Answer, the landlord included a counterclaim alleging claims for defamation and defamation per se.  Attorney Peter Lamont file a Motion to Dismiss the Defamation counts from the counterclaim. In his motion, Lamont argued that Defendant failed to state a cause of action and that the alleged statements were not defamatory pursuant to the Litigation Exemption. 

After hearing oral argument, the Court agreed with Lamont and dismissed the defamation counterclaims with prejudice. The Litigation Exemption shields parties from defamation claims that arise from statements made in the course of litigation. In this case, the allegedly defamatory statements were deemed to fall within the scope of the Litigation Exemption. Therefore, Defendant could not sustain a viable cause of action for defamation or defamation per se. The Court's decision to dismiss the defamation counterclaims with prejudice is a victory for the firm's client.      

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Law Offices of Peter J. Lamont Wins Order to Show Cause to Vacate Default and Unfreeze Funds

March 27, 2023


Peter J. Lamont, Esq. successfully argued an Order to Show Cause to vacate a default judgment and unfreeze funds seized from a client improperly served in the underlying lawsuit. 

The suit was originally filed five years ago, and service was attempted on our client at an address where he never resided.  Despite the improper service, the plaintiff continued with the lawsuit and obtained a default judgment. Thereafter it 

froze our client's funds through a bank levy, causing significant financial hardship and distress. 


At the hearing, Peter J. Lamont, Esq. provided compelling evidence and persuasive legal arguments demonstrating that the firm's client was never properly served. As a result, the court never had jurisdiction to enter the default judgment. Furthermore, he argued that seizing our client's funds based on an invalid judgment was unjust and violated our client's rights. The Court agreed, vacated the default, and issued an order releasing the client's funds. 

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NJ Attorney Peter J. Lamont Announces His New Book, "The Complete Guide to Chapter 7 Bankruptcy: A Roadmap For Financial Recovery"

March 25, 2023


Peter J. Lamont, Esq. released his new book, The Complete Guide to Chapter 7 Bankruptcy: A Roadmap For Financial Recovery. The book is available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle. 


When the weight of financial burdens becomes too heavy to bear, "The Complete Guide to Chapter 7 Bankruptcy: A Roadmap for Financial Recovery" provides the essential knowledge and resources needed to navigate the often daunting bankruptcy process.

"The Complete Guide to Chapter 7 Bankruptcy" is more than just a practical guide; it's a lifeline for those struggling with unmanageable debt. This book offers hope and guidance to those seeking a fresh start, empowering you with the tools to make a triumphant return to financial stability.

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