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Zebra Elephant


Firm Philosophy

The Elephant in the Room

It is readily apparent that the world is evolving at light speed. Like it or not, this evolution creates massive changes in the way we conduct business, solve problems, and develop as individuals. The Law Offices of Peter J. Lamont embraces the changes and understands that the legal field must evolve at an even greater rate of speed to ensure that lawyers can provide the best, most forward-thinking advice to clients possible. Many law firms remain resistant to change and cling to tired and outdated methods and practices. Today's clients need attorneys who are different, who stand out from the pack. We are those attorneys. We are not afraid to break from the pack, to go against the grain. We are the Elephant in the room.

Our Core Values are the cornerstone of our unconventional approach. We focus on strategies and solutions that serve our clients, not ourselves. We are constantly seeking out new and better technologies to enhance our abilities to provide clients with cutting-edge solutions in the most cost-conscious manner possible. What is more, our practice is based on integrity, honesty, and transparency in all that we do.  

Unshakable Commitment

We are committed to long-term client relationships as evidenced by the fact that most of our clients have been our clients for over 16 years. Our clients view us as an integral part of their lives and look to us for business and personal strategy and development advice, as well as for legal support in our practice areas. Our client relationships are built on trust and mutual respect and are advanced by outstanding communication and a truly collaborative working relationship. 

Practical Advice. Proven Results.

Unconventional Attorneys.

We offer practical advice that fits your needs and goals. You and your business need attorneys who know how to "make things work".  This requires creativity along with innovative, yet practical thinking. As our clients will attest, our methods, advice, and skills result in outstanding results for you and your business. Business is dynamic and therefore, your attorneys should be as well. We are not mired in traditional law firm thinking.  We have done away with many of the tired and antiquated formalities still plaguing most law firms and have opted for a fresh, unconventional approach. The Law Offices of Peter J. Lamont has built a solid reputation for delivering creative, effective, and valuable solutions to our clients' legal and business issues by combining "big firm" knowledge and sophistication with the responsiveness and focus of a boutique firm. 

Technological Advantage

​You cannot be successful in today's business world without embracing new and evolving technologies. We are regarded as one of the most technology-based boutique law firms in the area. Our use of technology translates into quicker responses to client requests and reduced overall client costs.​ 

Down To Earth

​We are a team of highly-skilled, knowledgeable professionals but we are also regular people. Having worked at large Wall Street law firms, firm founder, Peter Lamont, was turned off by the "high and mighty" attitude that many attorneys displayed towards clients and set off on a different path. While we might are aggressive with our adversaries, we are always down to earth with our clients. 

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