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Client Feedback & Testimonials


"The law firm of Peter J. Lamont was awesome to say the least. They helped me with my business matters and did a wonderful job. They would reply immediately to any queries and had an expertise for handling of situations. They worked hard and strategized with me to successfully achieve what I had in mind. Essentially their communication back and forth was the best ever.  If you’re looking for wonderful representation in areas of business, contract, and litigation, contact the Law Office of Peter J. Lamont & Associates."

- Orlando M.

"Great attorney!!! One of best legal team you’ll ever work with. Highly recommended!! I’ll be utilizing their expertise for more legal matters in the near future... It not easy to find good lawyers nowadays like Lamont ESQ.

- Winox Y

"I retained the Peter J. Lamont, Esq. to handle the closing on a condo unit I was selling. Everything went smoothly, and his paralegal Ms. Gorges was fantastic to deal with. As an aside-- I've had to deal with other law firms in conjunction with handling my late mother's estate, and I have really come to appreciate the attention my matter received as a client of Mr. Lamont's firm. When I emailed with questions (sometimes more than once a day) I always ALWAYS received a response from Ms. Gorges. Not so with some of the other law firms, I have dealt with, where my inquiries go unanswered for days if they are ever answered at all. When my real estate transaction needed an additional document to protect my interests, Peter drew one up in a timely fashion so I could facilitate the buyer's request to move furniture in ahead of the closing. And when the title company held some of my funds in escrow due to a minor deed issue, Ms. Gorges kept her eye on the situation for months after my closing--- and ultimately got those funds back for me. In short, I would wholeheartedly recommend the services of Peter J. Lamont and his staff."

-  Doug M. 


"It is my pleasure to take some time to express how satisfied I am with the services provided to me by Peter J. Lamont. Peter has always been very efficient, polite, and understanding of my legal needs. My company and I appreciate his cooperation! I highly recommend this law firm!"

-  Yohelia


Mr. Lamont recently helped me with my employment contract. He was highly recommended by my lawyer friend. He is extremely thorough and he went over everything in such detail. He took his time to explain everything to me so I can understand clearly what I am about to sign... I highly recommend Mr. Lamont and have no doubt others will the same experience..!!!!!!

-  Won


"Peter really took the time to walk me through all of the issues I would face in defending against a contract I signed many years ago. He was knowledgeable and I am happy to have him as my legal resource in the future."

-  Howard W.


"I picked him because of his AVVO score. He redid a business contract between myself and another party. He protected my interests and advised me on which battles to fight and what to let slide. He always got back to me the same day, either by phone or email and continued to correspond promptly after I paid him. (Something I was wary about for no reason) I feel the cost was appropriate for the service."

-  Alon


"Attorney Peter Lamont is a top-notch attorney and in my opinion, a 5-Star attorney all the way around. I had a telephone conversation with Attorney Lamont and he answered all of my questions, took his time and advised to what I need to do with my case, and also informed me of other legal items I was not aware of. He is an understanding, patient, professional attorney and he really took his time to help and assist me with my pending civil litigation case. I highly recommend Attorney Peter Lamont." 

- Renard P. 


"Extremely pleased with the services provided. Mr. Lamont was attentive to all my questions and concerns and responded accordingly. The overall outcome of my case was favorable and he had my current situation in his best interests. He is honest and straightforward. He is a normal guy and was so easy to deal with. I never felt funny calling his office or asking him questions. I am very pleased as his legal record speaks for itself. Thank you!"

- John G.


"Peter's law office will investigate the facts and circumstances of your case and will give you an opinion and/or answers to your legal problem with complete integrity and honesty. I personally found "Mr. Lamont" to be very sharp, and a very compassionate attorney who will fight for his clients without any doubt whatsoever." 

- averyirateimmigrant



Peter Lamont Real Estate Lawyer Review
Peter Lamont Real Estate Lawyer Review
Peter Lamont NJ Business Lawyer Review
Peter Lamont NJ Litigation Lawyer Review
Peter Lamont NJ Business Lawyer Review

Peer Reviews & Comments From Other Attorneys


"I highly endorse Mr. Lamont. Very knowledgeable and caring attorney who achieves great results in representing clients! I want all people to contact him for help." 

- Mark Clay, Esq.

Mr. Lamont is a very talented attorney. I would not hesitate to recommend him to a client in need.

- Derek Jacques, Esq.

I wholeheartedly endorse this lawyer. A brilliant, trustworthy and highly respected attorney in the legal community.

- Judd Nemiro, Esq.

"Peter fights hard for his clients and understands what helps the client most. He takes his job very seriously, and has earned respect from his fellow lawyers."

- Jonathan Rooker, Esq.

"Mr. Lamont's impressive record demonstrates that he is a knowledgeable and zealous advocate. He is respected in the legal community."

- Andrew Bestafka, Esq.


Peter is willing to lend his expertise not only to his clients but to others seeking general legal guidance. He is a subject matter expert on business law and a highly respected resource within the legal community.

- Timothy Klob, Esq.


"Mr. Lamont has contributed significant time to helping design professionals establish profitable businesses. I've read his articles in Architectural Lighting Magazine. His efforts are a credit to the legal profession."

- Clayton Walker, Esq.

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