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Don't Believe Cable Company Advertisements​

So, I bet you are ready to hear about how unfair and overpriced cable is. How, the cable companies promise so much in the way of entertainment, speed, low-prices, and high quality but simply don't deliver. Surely, you expect this blog to be about all of the reasons why you should never believe cable company advertisements. Well, you definitely should not believe cable company advertisements, but not for the reasons you think.


Over the past few weeks, I have heard one particular cable advertisement, both on television and radio, over and over. Each time I hear or see it, my fury and frustration rise to maximum levels (not unlike your cable bill.) So, what could this ad be telling people that has me so upset? The ad, which is touting the company's high-speed business Internet speeds, tells people, "When success comes, be ready for it."

Argghh, just typing those words makes me crazy. Are you kidding me? "When success comes, be ready for it?" What the hell are you telling people, super huge cable company? Are you telling them that one day, while they are sitting in their office, success is going to come knocking? Lies, absolute hogwash. Ok, hold on . . . I need some deep cleansing breaths.

Better. Let me explain my fury. I have no idea if their Internet speeds are fast and I really don't care. My issue is that their ad is telling people that success just comes, out of the blue, on its own. Basically, you never know when it is coming for you, so you have to be ready. What a terrible message to be planting in people's subconscious minds!


First things first, people. Success is NOT coming for you. Success is not an ice cream truck at the beach. It is not death or taxes. Success is not something that you should be sitting around (with high-speed Internet) waiting for. Success is not coming for you.

Now, you might be thinking something like, "Man, that's harsh. What a pessimist." Well, let me clear things up - it is not pessimistic, but incredibly realistic. Anyone who sits around waiting for success will never achieve it. Why? Because if you want success, of any type, you need to work hard for it, create it, and take it.


If you study successful people, you will notice a few key traits. The first, and arguably, most important is their willingness to work hard. In fact, to work harder than anyone else.

Will Smith, the actor and one-time, Fresh Prince of Bellaire, once said, "And where I excel is ridiculous, sickening, work ethic. You know, while the other guy's sleeping, I'm working."

When I talk about hard work, I am referring to consistent and focused work, which means that you keep your eye on the prize and be willing to forgo distractions while patiently pursuing your goals.

Success is never an overnight occurrance. It is a product of your commitment and ability to encounter disappointment and failure, in a variety of forms, and to be able to push through them, never giving up on your dreams.

Want to see this principle in action? Just look at some famous entrepreneurs. For example, Milton Hershey, yes the same guy who has made me gain weight, started three candy companies before Hersey's. All three of those companies failed. Imagine what would have happened if he had given up. I might be thinner, but the world would have missed out on the incredible (and delicious) things that the Hershey company does and makes.

Need more convincing? Did you know that Walt Disney, whose dream of a place where adults and children could find enjoyment together exploded into what we have today, was once told by an employer that he lacked creativity? Yup, Walt was fired from a newspaper because he wasn't creative enough. If that's not enough, Walt continued to face adversity and came close to financial ruin many times before finally, achieving the success that he is known for today.


Our world, hell, our civilization is built on progress. Ever see Walt Disney's Carousel of Progress? (Free Disney tip that you didn't ask for - the Carousel of Progress is a great place to wait out a passing Florida rain storm.) Progress only comes about when you work hard towards a goal. Every mistake, every failure, every frustration is progress. These things bring you one step closer to your dreams. Embrace them and continue to work harder than anyone would expect you to.

Consistent hard work creates momentum, which in turn creates progress. While I am not a physics expert, I do know that the greater the momentum, the harder it is to stop an object, or person, in motion.


So, if you want success, be ready . . . ready to work hard, focused, and consistently. That's it. You now have the secret sauce. Is it sexy? Hell no, but it is honest. So, when you hear the Cable company's advertisement, suggesting that you sit tight, with your super-fast Internet, waiting for success to knock on your door, get mad, and get to work!

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