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Endangerment or Free Range Kids?

I'm sure that you've at least heard a little about the woman who in 2014 left her child at the park while she worked. Debra Harrell, North Augusta, South Carolina, left her nine year old daughter at the park...while she went to work. Harrell worked at McDonald's about two miles away. The park had shade and access to water. The little girl had a cell phone and she knew where her mother worked. Ultimately, the police were called and Harrell was arrested.

Harrell was in a very tough situation that thousands of parents face particularly during the summer when school isn't in session. With the cost of child care so high, single, working parents try to make other arrangements.

What do you think? Do you believe Harrell should have been arrested? Do you believe she made a poor choice? What would you have done in a similar situation?

Here is another thought - at what age do you think that a child could be left home alone? Is it age-based or maturity level? Comment below!

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