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The Starks Can't Make Everyone Happy and You Won't Either |Success Game of Thrones Style

The long-awaited battle of Winterfell is over. Heroes and villains have fallen. Dragons danced on the clouds and then descended like meteorites atop the Night King's army, reigning fire and fury from above, and Arya Stark proved how bad-ass she really is during her encounter with the Night King. It was an epic "Long Night."

While most of the devoted Game of Thrones fans absolutely love the episode, there are large numbers of people who are complaining about how dark the battle scenes are. The complaining has forced cinematographer, Fabian Wagner, who shot "The Long Night" to address the fans and defend his vision via social media.

Wagner stated that the chaotic scenes and murky visual appearance were conscious decisions to increase the tension and to transport views directly into the fray of battle. When asked by TMZ about fans' complaints about the episode being too dark, he responded: "I know it wasn't too dark because I shot it." Separately, if you think it was too dark, he blames poor streaming quality, watching the episode on smartphones, and not viewing the episode in the dark. The bottom line that no matter what you do, you cannot please everyone.

If you truly want to succeed as an entrepreneur, you must turn a deaf ear to the neigh-sayers. The sooner you realize that it is pointless to try to please everyone, the sooner you will taste the sweet nectar of success.

As an entrepreneur, you have a vision. This vision is what makes you unique from everyone else because it is YOUR vision, not society's. If you let the fear of trying to please everyone invade your vision, you are lost, doomed to serve your master like the White Walkers served the Night King.

Say it with me now, "I will never please everyone, and that's OK." Well done. Now say it to yourself every day. No matter how great your ideas are, there will always be large numbers of people who will voice their displeasure or try to tear you down simply because they don't like what you put out into the universe. Who cares? You shouldn't.

Do you think that Wager is in the studio trying to find a way to brighten up "The Long Night" so that HBO can rebroadcast it? Hell no! He is pleased with the outcome of his vision and defends it.

You didn't see George Lucas running through toy stores pulling out all of the Jar Jar Binks action figures after people complained about the character, did you? ("Mesa thinks not.") Granted, Jar Jar Binks is far more annoying than the darkness of "The Long Night," but you get my point.

Visionaries like Lucas and Wagner are in love with their vision. They hope that people love the end product as much as they do, but they do not conform to the opinion of the masses. Even if they did, they could still never please everyone.

If you have a dream, a vision, or a quest that you want to move forward with, do it. Just do it! Throw yourself at it and never waver in your commitment to yourself simply because some people find fault with it. Our uniqueness is what makes the human race so fantastic. Be you, do you, and build your dreams the way you see them. If you are passionate about what you are building, I guarantee you that there will be thousands and thousands of people who love what you created just as much as you do.


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