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Mondays Don't Suck - What You Are Telling Yourself Does

NJ Jersey Attorney Peter J. Lamont

I know, Mondays suck, right? Nope! Mondays are just like Tuesday or Thursday or Saturday. It is another opportunity to make your dreams come true and to kill it. So, why do we work so hard to convince ourselves that Mondays suck and is there a way to make Mondays awesome?

Mondays suck because you tell yourself they do. Plain and simple. Stop telling yourself Mondays suck. They don't.

Want Mondays to be exciting and awesome? Stop filling your head with Instagram memes about Monday sucking. Move away from depressed and downtrodden co-workers who have a "case of the Mondays". What you tell yourself repeatedly becomes your reality. You don't need that nonsense. Instead, fill you mind with positive thoughts about how you are going to attack the day and be the best you possible.

I don't need to tell you that time is our most precious commodity. As we get older it goes by way too fast. Let's stop telling ourselves that Mondays suck. Don't squander any time on those negative thoughts. Tell yourself that you are going to be awesome on Monday. Be organized and ready to conquer any tasks or challenges that you encounter. Set a positive tone for the week.

Mondays have all the promise and potential for awesomeness that Saturdays have. Let's stop the nonsense and lets make Monday awesome! Go get yours now!

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